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Our history

Ebullient International, SA began as a factory of high quality car cleaning products with the aim of satisfying the primary needs required by car wash businesses.

Over time, the company has been investing resources in technology and research to be at the forefront of the automotive market. The line of engine maintenance and care products was introduced, obtaining immediate acceptance from customers and to date it has a growing demand. Likewise, the company maintains important communication with suppliers from the United States, Germany and France who provide the raw materials. and the support necessary to continually maximize the quality of existing products as well as in the development of new products to satisfy the growing demand of our main clients who are offered a business portfolio of more than one hundred high quality products.

Our mission

We are a comprehensive company that offers a broad portfolio of high-quality automotive products at a fair price, constantly interacting with our customers, thus ensuring personalized attention that meets their needs.

Our vision

To be leaders in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean in the distribution and marketing of automotive lubrication, cleaning and maintenance products, by satisfying demand by offering our customers the best products at the best price.

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